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This cookie policy ("Policy") describes how National Grid Electricity Distribution (East Midlands) Plc (company number 2366923); National Grid Electricity Distribution (West Midlands) Plc (company number 3600574); National Grid Electricity Distribution (South West) Plc (company number 2366894), National Grid Electricity Distribution (South Wales) Plc (company number 2366985) and National Grid Telecoms Limited (company number 2386327); (collectively, “NGED”) deploys and uses cookies on the following websites:


("NGED") deploys and uses cookies on the following web based applications:


 (each referred to as the "Website" and together the "Websites").

Please note that our Websites use cookies.  In this Policy, references to "we", "us", and "our" (and other similar terms) means NGED and "you" and "your" (and other similar terms) mean our Website visitors.

This Policy is an important document because it explains the way that we deploy and use cookies on our Websites, including helping to explain what cookies are, why we use them and how you can manage the use of cookies. We recommend that you read it carefully and print and keep a copy for your future reference.

What are cookies?
Cookies are small text files which are sent to your browser when you visit any of the Websites.  When you re-visit a Website again, cookies allow that Website to recognise your browser. 

Cookies are useful because they help us make your website experience more enjoyable.  They allow us to recognise your device (e.g. your PC, laptop or mobile device) so that we can tailor your experience of the Websites. 

Cookies do not typically identify you as an individual, just the device you are using.  You can find out more about cookies at:

Why do we use cookies?
Cookies do lots of different jobs on the Websites, such as letting you navigate between pages efficiently, remembering your preferences, remembering your username and password, and letting us analyse how well each Website is performing so we can improve your experience.

What types of cookies do we use?
We want you to understand the different types of cookies that we use on the Websites.  Some of these cookies are essential to the operation of the Websites.  Others are not essential, but help to improve the Websites by collecting anonymous user information, or try and improve your experience of the Websites by remembering your choices. 

Generally, our cookies perform up to three different functions:

Type 1 – Strictly necessary cookies – which enable services you have specifically asked for
We use a number of cookies which are essential to the operation of the Websites. For example, these types of cookies provide the necessary security your visit to the Website requires and help ensure the content of the pages you request load quickly.  Without these cookies, some of the services that you have asked for cannot be provided. 
We want you to understand these essential cookies, and why we use them, but we don't need to get your consent to use them on the Websites as we use these cookies only to provide you with services that you have requested.

Type 2 – Performance cookies – which collect anonymous information about the web pages you visit
These cookies collect information about how visitors use the Websites.  For example, which pages our visitors go to most often, and if they get error messages on those pages. 
These performance cookies don't collect information that identifies you as an individual – all information they collect is aggregated and anonymous.  The information gathered is only used to improve how the Websites work. 

Type 3 – Functionality cookies – which remember your choices to improve your experience of the Websites
These cookies allow the Websites to remember choices you make.  For example, remembering your username, your language, the region you are in, and changes you make to various other parts of the Websites which you can customise.  The aim of these cookies is to provide you with a more personal experience so that you don't have to reset your preferences each time you visit us.

The table below explains the cookies we use on each of the Websites and why.  The Websites are numbered in accordance with the list of the Websites set out above:

Cookie NameTypePurposeWebsites
ASP.NET_SessionIdStrictly necessaryThis cookie keeps the user session ID for security reasons.8, 9, 13, 17
CMSCookieLevelStrictly necessaryThis cookie specifies which cookies are enabled by the user.1-19
accepted_cookie_levelStrictly necessaryThis cookie specifies which cookies are enabled by the user.7, 19
allowCookiesStrictly necessaryThis cookie specifies if cookies are allowed.2
DataPortal2Strictly necessaryThis cookie keeps the user session ID for security reasons.12
DataPortal2_Strictly necessaryThis cookie allows the Website to store essential information that relates to the portion of Website you are using.12
DataPortal2AntiForgeryStrictly necessaryThis cookie contains a unique value that stops fraudulent requests being made to the Website.12
DataPortal2-OTCStrictly necessaryThis cookie is used as part of the security methods to protect our data.12
VisitorStatusPerformanceThis cookie stores the overall status of the visitor to track the site visitor within the web analytics.
8, 9, 11, 13


PerformanceThese cookies are used by Google Analytics and work together to keep track of the number of times a visitor has been to the site, how long each visit to the site takes, where a visitor came from and to throttle requests.1, 2, 3, 5-12, 14-19
_cfduidFunctionalityThis cookie is used by Zopim software to provide a live web chat service with your support team. Without this cookie the web chat service would not be available.1
_zlcmidFunctionalityThis cookie serves to provide you with our online chat service called Zopim.1, 12
CMSPreferredCultureFunctionalityThis cookie stores the user's preferred user interface culture.8, 9, 11, 13
CMSCurrentThemeFunctionalityThis cookie stores the current visual theme to provide proper design to the dialog windows.8, 9, 11, 13
CMSPreferredUICultureFunctionalityThis cookie stores the user's preferred user interface culture.8, 9
CMSLandingPageLoadedFunctionalityIndicates that the landing page has already been visited and the Landing page activity is not logged again for the current visitor.11
CMSUserPageFunctionalityStores the IDs (DocumentID, NodeID) of the last visited page. Used for logging landing and exit page web analytics and activities.11
CMSCsrfCookieStrictly necessaryStore's a security token that the system uses to validate all form data submitted via POST requests. Helps protect against Cross site request forgery.9, 11
CMSViewModeFunctionalityThis cookie stores the user's current view mode (Edit, Preview, Design, etc.)8
cookieconsent_dismissedFunctionalityThis cookie is used to display/hide the cookie policy banner when you visit the Website.12
play_sessionStrictly necessaryRecords users session management and is critical to the application. This is mainly used to make sure that the requests coming from the client to the server are genuine.1-8, 10, 14-16, 18, 19
play_flashStrictly necessarySet by the site and used for messaging - e.g. 'A password reset email has been sent to the email address provided'10
apexStrictly necessaryThis cookie stores all of the necessary session data for the entirety of the user's session while logged into the application. This is a session level cookie that expires when the session has ceased. 20, 21
wpd_powercuts_alert_summaryStrictly necessaryThis cookie stores the alerts summary. It is updated as alerts change.15
UrlReferrerStrictly necessaryStores the URL referrer from which the user arrives on the website.13

How can you manage cookies on our websites?
Our Websites contain a static banner at the top of each page which asks for your consent to us using cookies on the specific Website that you are visiting. 
Until you click the "Allow Cookies" tab on the static banner of the relevant Website that you are visiting, the static banner will remain visible as you browse the Website and on each subsequent visit you make to the Website.  The static banner will also appear if you visit another of our Websites because the cookies are site specific.

By continuing to use our Websites without having clicked on the "Allow Cookies" tab on the static banner, you are deemed to consent to the use of cookies as described in this Policy.

However, you are able to disable our cookies if you choose.  If you do so, you may find that certain parts of the Websites do not work at all, or do not work correctly.

Disabling cookies
You can disable and/or delete all types of cookies by using your browser settings.  Cookies are generally easy to disable and/or delete but how you do so varies from browser to browser.  The "help" function within your browser should tell you how to do it.  The best way may be to close your browser and then search for "cookie folder" or "cookie manager" or simply "cookie".

How do I change my cookie settings?
Most web browsers allow some control of most cookies through the browser settings. To find out more about cookies, including how to see what cookies have been set, visit or

Find out how to manage cookies on popular browsers: · Google Chrome · Microsoft Edge · Mozilla Firefox · Microsoft Internet Explorer · Opera · Apple Safari

To find information relating to other browsers, visit the browser developer's website.

To opt out of being tracked by Google Analytics across all websites, visit

We are planning to enhance our cookie tool to allow users to more easily change their cookie settings after their initial choice.

Changes to the Policy
Any changes we may make to our Policy in the future will be posted on this page.

Contact details
If you have any questions, comments or requests relating to our use of cookies or this Policy, then please contact us using the details provided below:
E-mail us at:
Call us on: 0800 096 3080

Version date:
September 2022