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Distribution Flexibility Services Reporting

In line with our licence condition C31E, we are required to report on the Flexibility Services we intend to procure and have procured.

As part of this requirement we produce two documents - a forward looking Distribution Flexibility Services Procurement Statement and a backwards looking Distribution Flexibility Services Procurement Report, as shown in the table below. 

Regulatory Year coveredDistribution Flexibility Services Procurement Statement Distribution Flexibility Services Procurement Report
ReportSupplementary Data
2021/22View statement View reportView data 

View updated statement (January 2023)

View initial statement (April 2022)  

View reportView data
2023/2024View statementView reportView data
2024/2025View statement   


Stakeholder Engagement

Our latest Evolution of Distribution Services Document is open for response until the 9th of December. For more information, please see the overview webinar and register for the follow up workshops on Product Delivery and Platforms & Processes.

A summary of our previous engagement can be found in the table below:

Regulatory Year coveredEvolution of Distribution Flexibility ServicesConsultations
2021/22View Document
View Webinar
View Document
View Webinar
View Response



If you are interested in providing Flexibility Services to us, please visit the Flexible Power Website.