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Presumed Open Data: Data Science Challenge

Presumed Open Data is an exciting Western Power Distribution (WPD) NIA project, in partnership with Energy Systems Catapult and Centre for Sustainable Energy, which is demonstrating the value created by increasing the visibility and availability of energy data. 

Taking forward the recommendations of the Energy Data Taskforce published in June 2019, WPD is creating an innovation data platform to make many valuable datasets open to the public. To demonstrate the value from making these energy data sets available, we are running a data science challenge using the data sets which will be available on the innovation data platform.

The challenge will require participants to utilise sub-hourly data over several years to design an optimal schedule for a battery storage device to simultaneously reduce peak demands and maximise the use of solar photovoltaic generation. The datasets will consist of distribution network demand, solar PV generation outputs and weather data from several sites which can be utilised by participants to learn the best schedule. 

The challenge represents an important real-world problem whose solution could play an important role in the move to a zero-carbon world. Renewable generation is intermittent and far more uncertain than traditional sources which means storage control will be essential for decarbonising the energy supply. 

Participants are welcome from all backgrounds, and especially those with keen interests in Energy and/or data science and machine learning. Teams of limited size will be allowed to participate and therefore a mix of different expertise is encouraged. 

For the winners of the challenger there will be the opportunity to publish their winning entry in a special issue of the Energies journal and pitch their work and solutions to senior representatives from Western Power Distribution, Centre for Sustainable Energy and Energy Systems Catapult as well as other major stakeholders. 

Registration closed

To express interest please register using the button above to receive further information including details of the kick-off event to be held on the 28th January 2021.

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