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Accessible information

Our website has been built to The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) guidelines. W3C's primary activity is to develop protocols and guidelines that ensure long-term growth for the website. You can find out more here.


We have received an AbilityNet Accreditation Certificate. This means our website has been tested by a broad network of genuinely representative disabled consumers who can provide an authentic account of the key issues they encounter, as well as expert evaluation to ensure that good accessibility practice has been followed. Our certificate can be viewed here.


How to navigate this website

To navigate this website, please use the top horizontal menu bar and expandable sections which appear when you hover over a menu option. Alternatively you can find a search box at the top of the page. 

Please note that there are parts of the site that are inaccessible, for example our web chat function. In this instance, please contact us by phone, email or Text Relay, details are below:

Emergency number - 0800 6783 105;
General Enquiries - 0800 096 3080;
Text Relay - dial 18001 before the Emergency or General Enquiries numbers so 18001 0800 6783 105 or 18001 0800 096 3080;
Email -;
TextPhone (minicom) - 0345 601 2318;
Webchat -;
Text - 07537 402105 (Text Power Cut and your postcode and house name / number);
NGT Lite - 18001 02920 535 636;;
Twitter - @gridcustomersuk;
Facebook - Grid Customers UK.
WhatsApp - +44 330 678 1012

How to alter the text size on this website

You can to increase, or decrease, the size of the text from the top of any page.

Internet Explorer users

  • Select View (on the menu bar across the top of your browser)
  • then select Text Size
  • then select the size.

You can also hold down CTRL and use the mouse wheel at the same time to change the text sizes.

Mozilla Firefox users

Use the mouse wheel (or hold down CTRL and use + key to increase font) to change the text sizes.

Safari users

  • Click on View in your Safari menu, located at the top of your screen.
  • When the drop-down menu appears, click on the option labelled Make Text Bigger.
  • You will notice that all of the text within the web page you are viewing has become larger. To increase the size again, just repeat these steps.

How to alter the choice of font on this website:

You can alter the font of the text on this website by clicking on your choice of font at the top of any page. 

Internet Explorer users

  • Open your Internet Options window by going to Tools.  Under History, choose Fonts and select your preferred style, then click OK.
  • Go to Accessibility within Internet Options and click on Ignore font styles/font sizes specified on Web pages
  • Then click OK. You should now see a difference in font.

Firefox users

  • At the top of the Firefox window, click on the Firefox button (Tools menu in Windows XP) and then click Options.
  • Select the Content panel.
  • Under  Fonts & Colors, use the drop-down menus to select the font and font size of your choice.
  • Click OK to close the Options window.

Safari users

  • Click the Safari menu on your browser's window and click Preferences to launch the Safari Preferences. Alternatively, press the Command-, (comma) keys to launch the preferences.
  • Click the Appearance tab and click the Select button next to the Standard font box. The font box opens.
  • Select the All Fonts link in the Collection box to view the entire list of fonts. Click a category in the left pane to view specific types of fonts.
  • Highlight the font to use and select a size in the Size section. Select any additional options to use, such as paragraphing, and then click the drop-down menu in the lower-left corner.
  • Click Preview to see the changes before saving them. Close the fonts box when you're satisfied.
  • Click the Select button next to the Fixed-width font section and then select the options to use. Close the fonts box when you finish, and then close the Safari Preferences.

How to alter the colour of text and background

You may find specific colours enable you to view our web site easier.

Internet Explorer users

  • Open your Internet Options window by going to Tools
  • Under History, choose Accessibility and click on Ignore colours specified on Web pages
  • Then click OK.

Firefox users

  • Go to Edit Preferences, Appearance, Colours
  • Choose Always use my colours, overriding document, then choose your colours.

Hearing impaired customers

Our site has been designed to allow Screen Readers to read our pages. If you have an enquiry about a service please contact us on:

Text Relay - dial 18001 before the Emergency or General Enquiries numbers so 18001 0800 6783 105 or 18001 0800 096 3080;
Email -;
TextPhone (minicom) - 0345 601 2318;
Webchat -;
Text - 07537 402105 (Text Power Cut and your postcode and house name / number);
NGT Lite - 18001 02920 535 636;;
Twitter - @gridcustomersuk;
Facebook - Grid Customers UK.


signvideo logo

You can contact us through a sign language interpreter, using SignVideo, for free.
To contact us using your PC or Mac you need:
- A good broadband internet connection (at least 1Mbs);
- A browser that works with Adobe Flash. Up-to-date versions of Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge will work.

Click here to find out more and follow the instructions to connect to SignVideo's sign language interpreters.
To contact us on your phone or tablet, Android or Apple, you need to:
- register with InterpreterNow (it’s free);
- then download the InterpreterNow app (it’s free);
- then tap the Western Power logo in the services list.

You can register with SignVideo here.
If you are having problems you can contact SignVideo here.

NGT Lite (Next Generation Text)

The NGT Lite app is a small computer application that you run on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. You use the app with a phone call to make direct text calls to us through the NGT Service. We are one of the first electricity distribution companies to sign up to use the free NGT service. 

Please use the following links to download the App:

Google Play

Louder than Words

We have been awarded the Louder than Words accreditation from RNID, for the excellent levels of service and accessibility for customers and employees who are deaf or hard of hearing.


Two-way Texting            

We have an automated text messaging service for our hearing impaired customers, supported by Text Local, to notify customers when there is a power cut in their area, send them updates of estimated restoration times and to inform them when power is restored.

This service also allows a two-way interaction with customers, mainly so they can report a power cut to us.

BSL customer information videos

We provide a series of customer information videos in British Sign Language (BSL). Please click here for our video library.

Visually impaired customers


If you would like to receive any of our customer leaflets, documents or if you wish to have a page translated in Braille, audio CD, e-book or text file please use our SensusAccess form by clicking here


We now have a new accessibility solution on our website called ReciteMe.
Recite Me provides many features including:

  • Provision of 'text to speech' - voices content for sight-impaired people;
  • Translation into 103 languages - for people for whom English is a second language;
  • Text-only view and reading ruler - for people with dyslexia and sight impairments;
  • Adjustable colour schemes and text sizes - for people with dyslexia and sight impairments. 

To use this function on our website just click on the 'Speak or Translate Me' button at the top of any page.


If a customer contacts us requesting a translator, either for BSL or language interpretation we can provide this, free of charge. We use Language Line for their conference call style services. This is available 24/7 by telephone offering over 100 languages.
You can contact us to arrange a translator on 0800 6783 105.



RNIB audited a representative number of pages of our website on 26 June 2017 and they've confirmed at the time of the audit recheck, our site complied with WCAG AA the internationally recognised Web Content Accessibility Guidelines WCAG 2.0 guidelines and as such users should receive an accessible experience.
RNIB are issuing an exemption for the Third Party Chat Window featured on the site, Western Power have endeavoured to meet the requirements but are unable to address the accessibility of the chat window but have provided alternative contact information on the accessibility page on the site.
This compliance statement covers the above named website only and does not apply to any micro sites with different website addresses, or to other websites linked to or from this site. Websites are subject to change but at the time of this audit the above site met these standards.

If you have a complaint

Or you have some feedback on our service please contact us on:

TextRelay:  18001 0800 0556833;
Fax:  0117 9332428;

Please tell us the best way to respond to you for example by letter, fax, email or text to your mobile phone.