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Distribution System Operator (DSO) Strategy


Develop and maintain an 



and economical

system of

electricity distribution



in electricity supply

electricity generation 

and flexibility services. 


Improve the


and security of the

electricity system 

at a local level




for more efficient 

whole system 




and efficiency 

across all aspects

of the system. 





and non-network 


DSO Strategy

As National Grid adds Distribution System Operator roles to existing Distribution Network Operator roles, it will carry out its existing functions and take on some new ones.  To facilitate neutral markets we have identified functions and activities which are specifically related to DSO. We have also identified the functions that a DNO would provide to any DSO, these are described as DSO enablers and cover areas where the DNO roles support a more flexible network operation through a DSO provider. As a regulated business with no interests in UK generation or supply, National Grid views the facilitation of our customers into these neutral markets as a natural extension of our current role in managing the power across our distribution networks.

We are uniquely placed to ensure simple and consistent access to new markets for our active customers through maximising the utilisation of our existing electrical and communication networks. Within National Grid we have already completed organisational changes which segregate our DSO functions from those of the DNO. The first covers elements related to System Operator, with the second detailing elements of DSO enablers managed by the DNO. Each area reports separately to our Operations Director.


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