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Network plans and information

National Grid Electricity Distribution (NGED) has a range of network asset data accessible by third parties through a variety of services. We have produced a brochure to help you understand what is available and which services are appropriate to you.

Please click here to access the brochure

Please click here to download our regional Distribution Management maps.

NGED DataPortal2

The NGED DataPortal2 service is an online facility with two main features: a facility to download NGED (formerly WPD) asset data (described in the brochure in the link above) and EMU Online, a new facility giving a web browser based Geographic Information System (GIS) providing easy access to NGED’s asset information and network records. Some key features include:

  • Straightforward interface and navigation including basic measuring tools and location;
  • Gazetteer by Postcode, street or locality uses OS Open Names, which contains 2.5 million place names, road names, road numbers and postcodes;
  • Gazetteer by NGED equipment allows search by NGED named or numbered assets, including Substations, Isolators and Poles / Towers;
  • Use of grid references or Eastings/Northings to locate sites;
  • Facility to query assets’ attributes e.g. Conductor Type, Operating Voltage, Feeding Substation;
  • HV & EHV schematics (and LV in Midlands);
  • Print to high quality PDF possible at A4 or A3 Paper Sizes, from 1:50 to 1:1250 scale.

To find out how to register for this facility please see the registration and help guide here.