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Our promises to you

We strive for excellence every day. To achieve this, we have set ourselves five key goals which we promise to meet:

  1. Your safety
  2. Network reliability
  3. Excellent customer service
  4. Business efficiency
  5. Protect the environment

Here’s what they are and what they mean to you:

Promise #1: Your safety - The safety of you and our employees is paramount. We never compromise on safety, and our record proves this.

Promise #2: Network reliability – Any disruption to our service is unacceptable. We consistently stay ahead of the regulator’s targets and promise to minimise any disruption caused by unscheduled power supply interruptions. We’re continually improving and constantly working to improve our network’s reliability.

Promise #3: Excellent customer service – You deserve the best. We’re proud of our reputation as the UK’s leading electricity distribution company and the exceptional service we offer to our customers through our UK-based contact centres.

Promise #4: Business efficiency - Investing in new technology and innovation is critical to our success and integral to improving reliability and efficiency in everything we do. 

Promise #5: Protect the environment - We’re developing innovative technical solutions to reduce system losses and cut our carbon footprint. We’re serious about distributing power while protecting the planet.


How do we keep our promises?

Our staff are empowered to deliver exceptional customers services, putting these five promises into practice.

The performance of our people is at the heart of our success. We employ staff who are well trained, highly motivated and who take personal responsibility for your experience.

Please contact us if you want to know more about our commitment to customer excellence.