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Delivering value for money

National Grid Electricity Distribution is the distribution network operator for the Midlands, South West and South Wales. 

It is responsible for delivering electricity to 8 million customers in the UK and committed to investing around £1 billion on the network annually. 

The distribution service makes up around 17% of an average customer's electricity bill which is around £100 a year or 27p a day. 

For the full overall GB bill breakdown please head to the Ofgem website here

Electricity bill breakdown graph

For 27p a day, in 2017/18 National Grid Electricity Distribution customers received:

  • Highest customer satisfaction in the industry - for the 7th consecutive year
  • Number one for stakeholder engagement - for the 7th consecutive year
  • Better than target network performance - on average customers have a power cut once in 2 years, for 26 minutes
  • Better than target for connection time to quote and time to connect - small schemes receive a quote in 8 days and generally connected in 42 days
  • Transition to a Distributed System Operator is underway
  • National Grid Electricity Distribution supported 15,229 fuel poor customers to save over £5.4 million a year