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Long term development

The Long Term Development Statement is compiled to assist current and future users of National Grid Electricity Distribution’s (NGED) network to identify and assess opportunities available to them for making new or additional use of our distribution system.

The statement provides an overview of the design and operation of the distribution network, together with data on the 132kV, 66kV and 33kV systems and the transformation levels down to 11kV. Due to the volume of data and speed with which it can become outdated, data on the 11kV and low voltage systems has not been included in the statement.

Please click the following links for further information on the content and how to obtain a copy of NGED's Long Term Development Statements: 

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Planning any building work or developments?

You will need to know about underground cables, overhead lines and other electrical equipment near to where you are working, you will need to click here to access our network plans page.

To see the EHV maps showing Distribution Generation constraint areas please click here.