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Key performance targets

Please see below results for our key performance for 2022/23, in relation to network reliability, customer service and guaranteed standards of performance.

Customer service performance

Customer satisfaction 2022/23

As part of Ofgem’s Broad Measure of Customer Satisfaction, a research agency undertakes satisfaction surveys every month with around 350 customers for each of the 14 electricity network companies. Surveys take place with customers who have had an interruption to their electricity supply (planned or unplanned), applied for a new connection or contacted the company with a general enquiry. In 2022/23, NGED average customer satisfaction scores were as follows:

 2022-23 Average overall satisfaction (out of 10) 
South Wales9.24 
West Midlands8.92 
East Midlands9.10 
South West8.94 

​Contact centre performance


ServiceTotal calls
General enquiries251,314
No supply708,102
Calls to 105 (included above)382,139 (53.9%)

Average speed of response
Calls: 3.56 seconds


NGED complies with the Complaints Handling Standards Regulations and an independent Energy Ombudsman service deals with unresolved complaints about energy companies.

NGED has a golden rule ‘ –treat the customer the way you would like to be treated’. We aim to resolve all complaints from customers as quickly as possible without the need for the customer to take the matter to the Energy Ombudsman.

In 22/23 one complaint was referred to the Ombudsman for a decision.

Guaranteed standards of performance

Guaranteed Customer Service Standards are set out by the energy regulator, Ofgem. Our performance against the standards in 2022/23 is set out below.


If we visit a customer for any reason, they will be offered an appointment during the morning or afternoon or within a two-hour time band. If we fail to make or keep that appointment we will arrange for the customer to receive a £60 payment.

NGED South West and NGED South Wales both achieved 100.0% success. NGED West Midlands and NGED East Midlands made one payment each. 

Company fuse failure

If a customer loses supply due to the operation of their main fuse, we will visit within 3 hours on weekdays and 4 hours at weekends. If we fail to do so, we will pay the customer £60.

NGED South Wales & NGED East Midlands both achieved 100% NGED South West made one payment and NGED Wast Midlands made three payments each.​​​​​​​

Electricity supply failure

If our supply network fails we will restore supplies within 12 hours of the fault being reported during normal weather. (If a single incident on our distribution system affects 5,000 premises or more, we will restore it within 24 hours of first becoming aware of the problem.)

If we fail to do so, we will pay the customer £150 (£300 for business customers). We will pay a further £70 for every additional 12 hours that a customer is without electricity. NGED South West, NGED South Wales, and NGED East Midlands and West Midlands all achieved 99.9%.

If our supply network fails during severe weather we will restore supplies within 24 or 48 hours of the fault being reported. If we fail to do so, we will pay the customer £75. We will pay a further £70 for every additional 12 hours that a customer is without electricity up to a maximum of £700.

NGED South West, NGED South Wales, NGED East Midlands and NGED West Midlands made 0 payments.

Multiple interruptions

If a problem on our system causes a customer to be without power for three hours or more, on four or more different occasions in a single year (from 1 April), they are entitled to a £150 payment. Customers can claim within three months of the end of the year to which the claim applies.

NGED South West made 3 payments, NGED South Wales made 0 payments, NGED East Midlands made 0 payments and NGED West Midlands made 19 payments.

Notice of Planned Interruption to Supply

If we need to interrupt a supply for testing or maintenance, we will give the affected customers at least 2 days' notice. If we fail to do this, customers can claim £60 (£120 for business customers).

NGED South West, NGED South Wales and NGED East Midlands achieved 99.9% and NGED West Midlands achieved 100%

Voltage complaints

If a customer contacts us about a problem with their supply voltage, we guarantee to reply to the enquiry within 5 working days or make an appointment to visit and investigate within 7 working days. If we fail to do so, we will pay £60.

NGED South West, NGED South Wales, NGED East Midlands and NGED West Midlands all achieved 100% success.

Our performance against the Connection Guaranteed Standards of Performance for 2022/23

NGED South West made five payments
NGED South Wales made one payment
NGED East Midlands made eleven payments
NGED West Midlands made two payments