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Project data

This form should only be completed by any interested party wishing to obtain data from one of our innovation projects. For general enquiries please click here to find out more.

As part of our network innovation portfolio of projects a significant amount of data is gathered and, where possible, we actively look to share this data freely with interested parties (subject to anonymisation and/or redaction for reasons of commercial confidentiality or other sensitivity). All data shared will be in the format as originally generated for the purposes of the project. We will not carry out any analysis or formatting of data prior to sharing. 

In order to facilitate the sharing of innovation project data, you will be required to complete the online data request form below. This will enable us to understand the type of data and from which project you require as well as the providing us with information to complete our standard Mutual Data Sharing Agreement. Our Mutual Data Sharing Agreement must be agreed to in its entirety, without amendment, to facilitate the sharing of data. 

We aim to respond to the initial data request form submission within 10 working days to confirm the type and volume of data available relating to your request. Should this be suitable we will send a signed copy of the mutual Data Sharing Agreement for return signature and transfer of data, via the agreed method, on receipt. 



Please ensure that you have read and understood the Mutual Data Sharing Agreement before completing the online data request form.