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Redundant poles get new life hosting birds and bats

Bird and bat life in Bristol will have new homes to enjoy after old electricity poles have been used to house nest boxes.

The poles became redundant after our engineers moved the route of overhead lines at Lyde Green Common.

But instead of taking them down, the poles were reduced in height so the boxes could be put up.

It’s all part of a project called Common Connections, involving South Gloucestershire Council, Avon Wildlife Trust, The Conservation Volunteers, Buglife, and West of England Nature Partnership.

Changing the route of the overhead line was needed as a result of nearby land being used for housing. But rather than cutting through the common’s vitally important banks of scrub that support wildlife to install cables underground, the line was diverted to a road running alongside.

The nest boxes have been provided by South Gloucestershire Council which has also now taken responsibility for the poles.

Steve Blackwell, Head of Operations in Bristol, said: “Lyde Green Common is of high nature value locally and this value is only increasing as the surrounding area is developed.

“We have ensured the common remains unencumbered as a protected corridor, connecting wildlife with an adjacent corridor running alongside the M4 and connecting the site to what remains of the wider countryside.

“As a responsible business, we are committed to improving biodiversity wherever we can and this project offered a lasting opportunity to do so.”