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Live Data Feed Application - Data View

Use the selection items below to view and download real-time and historic network data across our four licence areas, including demand, import and generation. 

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Export data

Export data

Please select a valid 'from' date
Please select a valid 'to' date
Please select a 'to' date that is after, or equal to, your 'from' date for the custom 'Date Range' filter
Please select a licence area from the 'Licence area' filter
Sorry, we don't seem to have any data for the filters that you have selected
Please select at least one of 'Demand', 'Import', or 'Generation' from the 'Data' filter


Generation data presented includes that monitored within our centralised network management system. Further developments to include low voltage and other unmonitored generation are in progress.

We’d like to hear your feedback on the data and access, how you’d used it and importantly how it can be improved to meet your needs, now and moving forwards. Please email us at

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