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LGA/LEP Liaison for Network Development

This Government has ambitious plans for creating new homes and businesses across the UK. To make this happen significant investment is required in infrastructure such as transport links and provision of utilities. We understand that bringing electricity to a new or regenerated development is a key requirement and that Local Government Associations (LGA) and Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEP) need a reasonable level of certainty when it comes to existing network capability and potential network extension and reinforcement costs. Without this level of certainty it can be extremely difficult for LGAs and LEPs to take a strategic approach and plan for infrastructure provision.

We want to help LGAs, working together with LEPs, so that they can make a better economic appraisal and project forward looking plans for delivery. In this respect we want to open up better channels of engagement for discussions around capacity and infrastructure requirements for both long-term planning and more immediate planning requirements, and engage in dialogue so that the LGAs and LEPs can make informed decisions.

There are a number of ways that this can be achieved, and by visiting the links below you will find all of the relevant information that you require to make such decisions:


We recently held a series of webinars aimed at Local Planning Officers across our regions. These can now be viewed here.