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Technical Limits Accelerated Connections

NGED’s DSO has been proactively working with all system and network operators to agree a way forward that will enable more customers to connect to our network without needing to wait for major transmission works to be completed. We have established the first two phase (1A and 1B) of Technical Limits as part of ENA process reforms to enable quicker, more agile connections across the T-D boundary. Technical Limits will allow more generation connections to energise on a non-firm basis ahead of the completion of enabling transmission reinforcement works. This will enable many of our customers’ connections to be accelerated on a non-firm basis compared to the dates previously advised via the Statement of Works process. More information on these initiatives can be found in the webinars and presentations below.

Phase 1A Expression of Interest 

Technical limits are being rolled out for these 22 GSPs under phase 1A

South WalesWest MidlandsEast Midlands South West 
Cardiff East 132kVBustleholm 132kVBerkswell 132kVAlverdiscott 132kV
Grange 66kVFeckenham 66kVBicker Fen 132kVBridgwater 132kV
Pyle 132kVKitwell 132kVStaythorpe 132kVExeter 132kV
Rassau 132kV Nechells East 132kVStoke Bardolf 132kVIndian Queens 132kV
Upper Boat 132kVPenn 132kV Taunton 132kV
Upper Boat 132kVPort Ham 132kV Sandford 132kV
 Willenhall 132kV  

The initial Expression of Interest for phase 1A GSPs has now closed, but we are proactively contacting new customers who may be able to benefit from this initiative. The timeline and next steps for phase 1A GSPs are:

Progress to date 

Next Steps 

Phase 1B Expression of Interest 

Phase 1B has now been agreed and has a further 7 GSPs that will have Technical Limits included. The 7 GSPs that are in phase 1B are:

West Midlands East Midlands South West 
Bishops Wood 132kVChesterfield 132kVAbham 132kV
Bushbury 132kVCoventry 132kVLandulph 132kV
 Enderby 132kV 

We have now opened an Expression of Interest at all phase 1B GSPs and all eligible schemes have been invited to submit a response. The timeline for phase 1B is:

How can I find out more?

We have held 2 webinars updating customers on Technical Limits and the staged Expression of Interest process. Both the webinar recording and slides are available below.

30th October Webinar

This webinar provided an update on:

  • The first phase of NGED Technical Limit’s which are initially being rolled out at 22 GSPs including next steps for your scheme
  • The Expression of Interest (EOI) response for this first phase of Technical Limit GSPs
  •  Activation of the next tranche of GSPs and associated EOI timescales
  • Future work to extend Technical Limits to all NGED GSPs
  • Q&A session on Technical Limits and the EOI process

A recording of the webinar can be found below. Alternatively, the slideshow presentation can be viewed here


15th September Webinar 

Our first webinar on Technical Limits explaining the criteria, process and timescales for phase 1A in more detail. A recording of the webinar can be found below. Alternatively, the webinar slideshow presentation can viewed here.

Future Updates 

We will be actively contacting schemes in phase 1A and 1B with updates as they progress through the assessment process. We will be running further webinars as part of this rollout to keep customers up-to-date on the process, including releasing the next (phase 2) Technical Limits on further NGED GSPs.