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Cancellation Charge Calculator

Cancellation Charge Estimate

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National Grid Transmission Owners (NGTOs) undertake investment works to accommodate the needs of generators already connected and those expected to connect in the future to the electricity transmission network. 

However, a generator may decide to cancel its project or reduce its capacity where the associated works have already begun. This may result in unnecessary costs to other network users which are ultimately borne by the end consumer. User commitment arrangements place liabilities on generators triggering particular investment works, known as Cancellation Charge, in order to financially secure the investment being undertaken on their behalf.

The security arrangements comprise of a generic liability to cover broad system investment (Wider), and a specific liability to cover local generator-driven investment (Attributable). All generation projects would be liable for a proportion of the wider amount, whilst only pre-commissioning generation projects would be liable for their particular attributable, or local amount.

For more information on Cancellation Charge please visit our Resource Library.

Cancellation Charge Calculator

Cancellation Charge calculator provides an indication of liability that may be applicable to a generation connection wishing to connect to National Grid Electricity Distribution's network.

The calculator displays an estimated Wider liability applicable for your connection.

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We have developed the cancellation charge calculator to assist you with connections applications in our area. The information provided in the calculator are estimates only and cannot be relied upon to assess the terms of connection for specific premises. Whilst we use reasonable endeavours to ensure that the cancellation charge calculator and related information is accurate, we do not warrant, and do not accept any responsibility or liability, for the accuracy or completeness of the content or for any loss which may arise from reliance on the cancellation charge calculator or related information. The terms and condition for use of our website apply to the cancellation charge calculator and related information.

The below security profile has been created to provide guidance to customers about potential security liability impact on their project. 

This profile covers pre-commissioning Wider securities only and should be read in conjunction with CUSC section 15 and other guidance available on the National Grid Electricity System Operator (NGESO) website. 

The data below is provided as an indication only and is not intended to be relied upon. Wider Cancellation Charge Tariffs are taken from annual NGESO Wider Cancellation Charge Statement.  

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*NoteAccurate Cancellation Charge Statement will be provided by NGESO when a generation connection goes through SoW process. 

Security Deposit

You will be required to secure a proportion of the total Cancellation Charge liability. 

The security liability for this project is   and the amount due is


Security is returned upon connection of a project.






Generation connection under 1MW is currently not subject to Cancellation Charge.

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