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Earthing Policy Training

The earthing requirements for ground-mounted distribution substations has changed, which has required a number of new TP21 suite of documents to be published in order to implement the latest requirements of ENA TS 41-24 & S34.

The new documents supersede parts of Standard Technique TP21D/3 which has also been amended to reflect these changes.

Actions to prepare for the implementation of the new requirements:

  • The new requirement will be implemented from 1st August 2021.
  • ICPs should use the period prior to 1st August to familiarise themselves with the new documents and the associated ‘Earthing Design Tool’ (EDT).
  • The EDT can be accessed here.
  • The following online training (voiced-over Powerpoint presentations) has been prepared for ICP staff who are required to use the EDT. 

Training Guides