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Supporting stakeholders on their journey to decarbonisation

Working towards a decarbonised future

As a Distribution System Operator (DSO) we are focused on developing our network so we can help the UK and stakeholders reach their decarbonisation ambitions by delivering a network in the most efficient, economical and coordinated way possible.

We understand that local authorities play an important role in decarbonisation, with many exploring how they can achieve net zero using local area energy planning (you can find out more about local area energy planning here). We are committed to supporting the development of local area energy plans (LAEPS) and reflecting the ambitions of local authorities in our long term forecasts.

This will ensure that our future network plans provide sufficient capacity as the country transitions to net zero.

What we are doing

We are also working hard to ensure our electricity network is ready to meet the UK’s decarbonisation aspirations of being net zero by 2050.

Our long-term forecasts, called Distribution Future Energy Scenarios (DFES), identify how customers will use our network in the future.

We use this information to predict the future requirements on our network and decide when and where to invest in the network. This ensures that our strategic network planning provides sufficient network capacity as the country transitions to net zero.

Get the support you need

We are committed to connecting you with the resources and support you need to achieve net zero.

We have a dedicated engagement team to offer bespoke support and guidance to regional stakeholders in the development of local area energy plans and decarbonisation plans. To get in touch with our engagement team click here.

The following pages are available to help you on your decarbonisation journey: