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Local area energy planning - find out more

What is local area energy planning?

Local Area Energy Planning is an integrated planning approach that sets out the most effective route to decarbonisation across the whole energy system.

It is mostly carried out by local authorities who can influence over 80% of the UK’s carbon emissions, can bring together the key stakeholders required, and can offer an impartial and locally informed approach.

Why it matters

Local Area Energy Planning helps us know where and when to proactively invest in our distribution network, ensuring that it meets future need and supports local and national net zero ambitions.

Our role in local area energy planning

We work collaboratively with local authorities and other key stakeholders in local area energy planning to achieve their decarbonisation aspirations. We can provide stakeholders with data about our network now and the assumptions we are making about the demand on our network in the future. We can also capture your plans and ensure they are included in our strategic investment process.

The best way to get started is to contact us to arrange a meeting with your Strategic Engagement Officer or invite them along to one of your local energy planning meetings. You can also take a look at our latest Local Authority newsletter here

To find out more about how we collaborate with key stakeholders you can watch our webinar recording of an event we ran on 16 November 2023 which explored ways of working together to achieve decarbonisation at a local level.