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Distribution Network Options Assessment

The Distribution Network Options Assessment (DNOA) is a publication, which outlines reasons behind investment decisions made by National Grid Electricity Distribution in order to deal with constraints that arise across all four of our license areas. It forms part of the National Grid Electricity Distribution investment planning process, as outlined below.

This assessment includes reviewing mitigation options such as demand side response procured through National Grid's Flexible Power, conventional reinforcement schemes and other innovative solutions.

To determine the economically optimal solution, cost-benefit analysis is carried out using the industry standard Common Evaluation Methodology tool, which is described in the DNOA.

By outlining our analysis process stakeholders and customers can be assured that we are delivering an economic and efficient network while maintaining safety and security. The DNOA also works in tandem with Flexible Power in helping inform flexibility providers of the potential for future opportunities to provide flexibility services with signposting data for the next five years. The analysis conducted within the DNOA is based on data from our Distribution Future Energy Scenarios (DFES). We published the first DNOA in Spring 2021 and will be publishing future DNOAs every six months to continue to inform stakeholders, customers and flexibility providers. 

  • Distribution Network Options Assessment - February 2024


To view the old Scheme Page documents, click here.

DNOA Consultation Questions

We would like to receive your views on the Distribution Network Options Assessment (DNOA) using the consultation questions below. Any feedback will help shape future DNOA reports and processes. 

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