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Network Development Plan

The Network Development Plan (NDP) is part of an Electricity Distribution Licence Condition (SLC25B). The Network Development Plan is our ten year plan of how we will develop our network and forms part of our investment planning process, as outlined below.


The strategic planning process uses the Distribution Future Energy Scenarios (DFES) as an input to project how we expect customers to use the distribution network as the UK transitions to a net zero future. The network impact assessment is covered by the Network Development Plan, which aims to identify where and when investment is expected to accommodate forecasted growth. All constraints identified are evaluated using the Distribution Network Options Assessment (DNOA), which outlines the optimal investment pathway to take.

Network Development Plan Documents

The Network Development Plan consists of a suite different documents as outlined below. Each licence area contains a summary report and a files containing the technical reports and datasets:

Any feedback on the Network Development Plan can be sent via email to

We would welcome your views on these reports, please contact us at and to arrange a meeting to discuss our plans in your area.

We held a Network Development Plan (NDP) consultation webinar on 15 April 2024 to seek feedback from stakeholders on the format and analysis methodology used to create the NPDs. You can view a recording from the webinar below.


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