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Enquiry Tracker

We have an internet-based system for ICPs (Independent Connection Providers) and IDNOs (Independent Network Operator) to submit applications online.

The Enquiry tracker has been developed to allow connection providers and National Grid Electricity Distribution to easily:

  • An updated and improved, secure, web-based application allowing users to remotely monitor the progress of enquiries for new connections to the National Grid Electricity Distribution electricity network.
  • A system that interfaces directly with National Grid Electricity Distribution's main enquiry management system, CROWN.
  • Real-time enquiry updates highlighting the latest enquiry tasks for both National Grid Electricity Distribution and the user.
  • Supporting information and document upload facility to enable users to upload all relevant information in various formats.
  • Details of Regulatory and National Grid Electricity Distribution's own target dates for the completion of activities.
  • Agreement document download and upload facility to enable efficient document transfer.

Please be aware that should you wish to carry out extension of contestability activities, such as determining your own point of connection, you can only apply for these using the Enquiry tracker process.

Connection providers are able to register to use the Enquiry tracker at a company, organisational unit and individual level.

For information on how to register please email