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Planned interruptions

We’re always working hard to maintain and improve our network, which sometimes means we need to interrupt supply for short periods. This means we can complete all work safely and without damage or disruption.

We’ll do our best to give you plenty of notice if we need to turn off the power, but that may not always be possible. To help you plan and prepare, here are some ways you can keep disruption to a minimum.


We know power interruptions are inconvenient, so we schedule work to cause the minimum of disruption, often during the night. However, there may be times - during emergencies, for example - where this isn’t possible. If we need to stop power for a period, we’ll work as quickly as possible to get it back.

What can you do?

  • Charge your mobile phone and keep a torch handy (with a spare set of batteries)

  • Don’t open your freezer
  • Prepare a flask of tea or coffee and ensure you’ve got enough food to eat

You can read more on how to prepare for a power cut here.

Planned Interruptions

Alternative electricity supplies

If you need power during a planned interruption, you may want to hire an electrical generator.

Electrical generators will need to be connected by a qualified electrician and tested to ensure they’re safe. You’ll also need to check you’re getting enough power too. 

Business customers

We know power interruptions can affect your business, so we do everything to keep them to a minimum. 

If your business uses commercial freezers, you should empty them or make alternative power arrangements (such as a generator) as they will only tolerate short interruptions in power. 

If your business relies on telephone services, check that your service will operate without power. If not, consider alternative arrangements such as call-forwarding service until the power is restored.