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Strategic investment options: Shaping Subtransmission

National Grid undertook Shaping Subtransmission studies from 2016 to 2020, which used Distribution Future Energy Scenario projections as an input to detailed electrical analysis, which aimed to assess the ability of the existing network to accommodate new demand and generation connections under the DFES scenarios.

As part of these pioneering studies, National Grid developed power systems analysis tools and techniques, which allow for automated analysis and network constraint identification; essential when assessing complex distribution networks.

We are building on our Shaping Subtransmission process to create the Network Development Plan, due to be published in May 2022. This is a new condition of our Electricity Distribution Licence (SLC25B). More information can be found on our Network Development Plan here.

Below is an archive of the latest and previous Shaping Subtransmission studies for all licence areas. A link to the accompanying DFES page can be found here.

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